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Artificial Branding Intelligence

Brand Analytics.

Reinvented. Yes, It’s loud and pretentious.
Even so, we did it.

brandergate* is a Brand Development Platform with a unique
Artificial Branding Intelligence © (ABI) at its core. Developed for
entrepreneurs and startups, branding experts and agencies, and
all enthusiasts, Brandergate helps study and analyze brands
intelligently online.

We introduce a unique way to analyze Brands’
core elements: Values, Personality and Identity.

Artificial Branding Intelligence, ABI, brandergate

Plan Brands

Intelligently. Explore Personality Dimensions.
Reimagine Brand Communication.

Enter the Brand you want to analyze and find the Brand Values,
Personality, and Identity of the leading Brands, your partners,
prospects, and competitors.

Explore Values and personality dimensions of Brands with unique
Frameworks. See the most tranding Personality Traits and Value

Explore Brand Platforms, their Values,
Personality, and Identity with ABI Explorer ©

Explore Brand

Landscape. Map competitive Brand Landscape.
Study industries like never before.

Define your Brand Category and Industry to explore
the whole Landscape of Brands with ABI Landscape ©.

Map industries’ most leading Brands by their Values and
Personality Traits, analyze trends to plan and develop
Brands in the most intelligible way.

See Brands of partners, prospects, and
competitors with ABI Landscape ©

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brandergate Beta Question the status quo of Branding.

Explore individual Brand Constructs, their Values,
Personality, and Identity with ABI Explorer ©

Analyze the whole Landscape of Brands in a selected
industry and category with ABI Landscape ©

See Brands of partners, prospects, and
competitors inside industries at a glance!

* The place where Branding
meets Artificial Intelligence
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