Brand Platform.

Disassembled. Explore Brands and its core elements.
Look inside the Brand Platform.

Brand Platform is a sum of Brand's conceptual representations, i.e., it's
core elements: Brand Values, Brand Personality, and Brand Identity.

We study, analyze and map Brands, mainly their Platforms, by
examining their Values, Personality Traits, and Identity
(name, logo, colors, and so on).

We create a brand analytics tool that gives users
unique views, figures, representations, and in-depth
insights into a brand’s platform.

Brand Platform, brandergate

A01.Brand Values

Study and Analytics ANALYTICS
Brand Values, brandergate

Brand values are a set of beliefs that a company stands for,
and they shape every aspect of the business. They are placed
at the core of a brand and form its personality and identity.
They are the reasons customers will relate to a brand.

Choosing genuine and powerful Brand Values can set your
business apart from your competitors in the same industry.

To analyze Brand Values, we create a unique framework based
on extensive research of 10,000+ brands in 100+ industries.

With our platform you can axplore and
analyze Brand Values of your competitors
and leaders of your industry.

A02.Brand Personality

Analysis and Mapping. ANALYTICS

Brand Personality refers to human characteristics associated with
a Brand. They’re expressed as adjectives that portrait the Brand
(e.g., Innovative, friendly, sincere, sophisticated, and so on).

To study Personality of Brands, we develop a 4-Dimensional
Brand Personality Framework (4DBP), based on in-depth studies
and analysis of the most comprehensive and theoretically
established works of academics, scholars, practitioners, and
researchers of the past 50 years.

By applying the 4DBP Framework, we analyze data on over
10,000 leading brands across 100+ industries by evaluating
Brand Personality Traits in thousands of articles related to brand.

Our Platform will help you explore and analyze
Brand Personalities and the most trending
Personality Traits of key players in your industry.

Brand Personality, brandergate

A03.Brand Identity

Study and Review. ANALYTICS
Brand Identity, brandergate

Brand Identity is the set of all visible elements of a Brand that
a company creates (such as a name, color, geometry, verbal
statements, etc.) to portray the right image to its consumer.

Brand Identity is the sum of visual and verbal expressions of
Brand Values and personality. It is what makes a Brand
distinguishable and recognizable.

With our platform, you can review the main Brand
Identity Elements of your competitors, as well as
the most prominent Brands in your industry.

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