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Projects' Dashboard


Your projects' dashboard is the place where all your projects are. Here you can find the projects you create and the project samples that you can explore.

My Projects

To see your projects click on My Projects Tab. Here you can see your projects arranged by project name, project type, date when the project was created, date when the project was modified or updated, and the project status that shows whether the project is active or is processing. You can rearrange projects as you like by simply clicking on its field description (i.e., Project name, Project type, etc.).

Projects Samples

To see examples of the projects and explore how you can analyze brands, click on Projects Samples Tab. Here you can find ABI Explorer as well as ABI Landscape Project examples. Please feel free to explore sample projects and discover how brands could be explored and analyzed.

Create Project

To create a project, click on the Projects dropdown menu > Create New Project > [project you want to create] or press the button "Create New Project" on the upper right side of the dashboard. To start creating your project, type your project name and click Create.

Open Project

To open the project, go to My Projects, select My Projects tab, and then click on the project you want to open.

Rename project

You can rename the project by clicking the Pencil Icon located along the project's name you want to rename.

Delete project

You can delete the project by clicking the Cross Icon located along the project's name you want to delete.

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