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ABI Explorer


ABI Explorer © is a Brand Analysis tool developed to explore and analyze a Brand's core elements: Brand Values, Brand Personality and Brand Identity.

Create ABI Explorer Project

Depending on the plan you choose, You can create from 5 to an infinite number of ABI Explorer Projects.

To Create ABI Explorer Project, click Create New Project > ABI Explorer, enter a project name, and click Create. Then, Enter the information about the Brand you want to analyze.

You will receive an email with confirmation that your project is being processed. Depending on different variables, the processing of your project will take from seconds to hours. So please be patient, and once we analyze your project, you will receive an email. You can also find the project's status on your Projects' Dashboard under the "Project Status" field.

Explore Brand with ABI Explorer

Once your ABI Explorer project is processed and active, you will receive an email. Then, you can open and explore the Brand you analyzed either from the email you received or directly from your Project's Dashboard > My Projects.

When you open the project, you will see a dashboard with a left sidebar to explore the ABI Explorer project and revise Project Settings.

On the right upper area of the dashboard, you will see the Credibility Score of the project, the number of articles analyzed, the Personality Traits (adjectives) that have been counted and mapped, and the Project update status with the date when updated.

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